Popular Coding Languages Currently in Demand

Since the development of applications started attracting much craze all around the world, different types of programming languages were developed and set for users to utilize. These programming languages have become so many that programmers have become confused on which ones to employ. For those who need to start pursuing programming or dabble in technology and don’t really know which ones to use, then this article is for you.

Technology advances very quickly and keeping yourself updated if you are an IT guru is inevitable. As an amateur coder, you need to start from simple coding as you train yourself on other more sophisticated languages. You also need to show more interest when learning programming. After an in-depth analysis of most job postings and high paying programming jobs, these are the most popular coding languages that are currently in demand.


Python is currently the most common marketable language on the market today. Its popularity is enhanced by its open-source nature and its ability towriting code be executed on every platform. Common applications utilizing this language are Instagram, Reddit, and Venno. It hit the market in 1991 but has gained popularity in the contemporary market after continual upgrades that meet modern-day client needs.


Java is popular because of its versatility. There are many world regions where this language is the most commonly used. It is also a multi-platform language type that uses a virtual environment. It hit the market in 1995. Because of its simplicity, most people started using Java because it responds optimally when running on its virtual platform. Responsive menus and title bars work perfectly well when designed using java. Most responsive OOP applications also work well when developed using Java.


Also known as C sharp comes in third. It is quite popular because of its lack of bulkiness. It’s a language most campaigned for by Microsoft who are its main developers. It has been utilized in most of the Microsoft applications, and that’s why it is this popular because most programs designed using this language run optimally on a windows platform.


codingPHP is most commonly used in designing and creating websites, web forms and web applications. It doesn’t offer capabilities of designing standalone apps that’s why it falls into this position. On websites, apart from HTML, it is the most commonly used language and very valued by web designers. It is less bulky and more user-friendly. Despite it being used for websites only, its syntax is just similar to other standalone popular programming languages like the ones mentioned above.