Top Social Media Apps Like Snapchat

Who knew that self-destructing content would become a big hit? Snapchat led the trend, and many apps have followed suit. Almost every popular messaging app now has its version of Snapchat Stories. In this article, you’ll discover the best apps from HappyMod App that is similar to Snapchat. Some of which allow regular messaging attributes while others focus on offering fun and unique matching filters.


appAlthough it’s recognized for being a specialized photo and video sharing application, Instagram has added many attractive features that make it the Swiss Army knife of social networking applications. You can now get into Instagram’s built-in facial filters with just a few raps on your mobile screen. Since you might be looking for programs that aren’t as popular as Instagram, it gives you the quickest entree to facial filters since you and your colleagues are likely to use them. As mentioned above, Snapchat has made facial filters all the rage. And if it’s a facial filter app you’re looking for, feel free to visit this app. 

Facebook Messenger

Facebook hasn’t lost sight of Snapchat since its launch. And while Snapchat has grown in popularity, Facebook has become a little more jaded. Facebook offered to buy Snapchat, but when Snapchat declined, Facebook moved to add Snapchat-like features to its products, e.g. Instagram and Facebook Messenger. Like Snapchat, it allowed users to share large streams. Over 100 million people use this app, which says a lot about how good it is. You won’t be short on options, so get ready to spend a lot of time browsing its unlimited selection of unique filters and effects. You can even design GIFs if you need to.


Who doesn’t use TikTok these days? By now, everyone knows that online users love to watch movies. TikTok is taking advantage of this and has created a program proving to be the best place to consume and share short videos. It’s easy to think that TikTok is only for people who are into the latest dance craze, but even ordinary people like to use the stage to talk about random things that happen in their daily lives. It might not be the perfect alternative to Snapchat, but it’s just as fun to use.

Bigo Live

appYou may have tried all the social networking programs available on the market, but it seems that each one of them lacks some features that you want. Bigo Live might be the exception. Stay tuned, because this application is the next big thing. As the title suggests, Bigo Live is fundamentally aimed at users who want to live stream their regular minutes, skills, and interests to the world at large. With over 200 million customers, Bigo Live is one of the most widely used live streaming platforms today. This app is one of the excellent apps like Snapchat, especially when you learn all its traits. Users can come and talk about anything they need, gain fans, earn money, get freebies or have fun interacting with different women and men.

YouCam App

Would you like to have a mobile application to thoroughly edit your selfies? Then YouCam Perfect should be your favorite app. YouCam Perfect gives you all the tools you need to produce shareable photos. From fun camera filters and stickers to blurring effects and facial retouching, YouCam Perfect is hard to beat. Implementing YouCam Perfect’s wide range of image editing features is easy. You may have to spend some time figuring out how to get the most out of each feature, but when you do, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to turn an otherwise tedious photo into something you’d like to talk about with your social media followers.