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Transferring Kindle Fire Files to Your Computer Tutorial

Using Kindle Fire for the first time might be a little overwhelming to learn. However, with time it will get easier. Now I have downloaded songs, applications, and videos to the kindle fire. I have a strong desire to move many of these things to my PC. How do I transfer files from Kindle to PC? It’s quite simple!

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Try Amazon Cloud

The first advice I have for you is very simple: if you buy all your applications, songs, videos, and books on Amazon, Amazon will automatically organize them from the “cloud,” and all you have to do is connect to Amazon on your computer and transfer everything this way. You don’t even need to connect your computer to your Kindle Fire.

But many users choose to connect their Kindle Fire to their computer. In this way, not only can you transfer files to the Kindle Fire, but you can also easily transfer files from your computer to the Kindle Fire. You want a USB cable that works with the Kindle Fire.

Use the USB Cable

To connect your kindle fire to PC, you will use a specifically designed cable for kindle fire. You can buy it on Amazon for $6. Just search ‘Kindle Fire USB Cable.’ As long as you have the cable, transferring files will be easy.

Connect Your Computer and Kindle Fire

This may sound easy and basic, but let us explain how to connect the kindle fire and the computer, just in case. If you already have the cable, get the cable’s largest end and plug it into the USB port on your computer. If you have an older computer, you can rotate your PC to find it on the back. If you download images from the camera to your computer, you may be using the same USB port.

Once you’ve inserted the cable to your computer, the smaller port goes into the kindle. This is the same plug where you inserted the charger cord in the kindle. If the two ports are already connected., you are now ready to transfer files.